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BELLE PALMS VILLA now boasts completely unique Harry Potter themed twin bedrooms for our younger guests - the Harry Potter rooms will give your children even more reason to get excited about their holiday. What is better than your kids getting to stay in their heroes very own room? Especially in the place where magic is around every corner, Orlando!

Designed in honour of the new 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' theme park at Universal Orlando, which is scheduled to open 2009/10, both rooms have the captivating, enchanted, star-lit ceilings with galaxies, shooting stars and constellations - that, as if by magic, only appear in the dark.

Your kids will be keen for lights off at bedtime, giving you precious time to relax by the pool!



Harry Potter's room appears just like you might expect for a room belonging to a young wizard starting out at 'Hogwarts School of Wizardry'.

There are two twin beds with soft, velvety blue bed comforters. Harry and Ron each have their wizarding graduation certificates framed above their beds, along with a flag representing their Hogwarts house 'Gryffindor'.

Harry's 'Firebolt' broom hangs on the wall along with his 'Quidditch' cloak while the mischievous 'snitch' hovers ready to take off for the next match.

We couldn't forget 'Hedwig', Harry's owl, who sits patiently in his birdacge in the corner of the room waiting for his next flying task.



Hermione's room also has the fluffy soft velvet comforters, only this time in a rich burgundy. Hermione's 'Time Turner' hangs in pride of place between Hermione and Cho Chang's Hogwarts graduation certificate - just in case some emergency time travelling is required.

'Crookshanks', Hermione's cat, proudly guards the bedroom with its Hogwartesque stained glass window and book collection.

Hermione, being a bit of a bookworm, has left some of her study books so any child fascinated by the world of wizardry will be able to dig right in and find out exactly what they learn about at Hogwarts. They could even learn a thing or two about history's well known Wizards that inspired the characters).



Our star ceilings are COMPLETELY UNIQUE to 'Belle Palms Villa' - you will not find such a WOW factor in any other villa, in any other kids room, in the whole of Orlando! Everyone will want to come upstairs and see the swirling milky way, the peaceful shooting stars and the twinkling stars as they come and go. And the moment you turn on the light, they magically disappear again!

The ceiling effect activates by absorbing light energy. You have the option not activate the stars; this is done by simply leaving the blinds closed during the day (a good idea if you are concerned about the youngest in your group being worried by the effect).

Both Hermione and Harry's rooms have starlit ceilings so there need be no arguing as to who has the special room!

Your kids will be talking about their special starry sky long after they have returned home from their trip.




Kids and adults alike can get stuck into the world of Harry Potter. Feel free to spend many hours around the pool catching up on Harry's adventures. The only thing is you'll be coming back next year to finish reading the set!

For a couple of quiet hours, the Harry Potter DVDs are magic! See Harry growing up to defeat the dark arts time and again - a winning idea for a cheap entertaining night in for the family.


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